Ugg Boots – Why They Cause Foot Pain

Ugg Boots – Why They Cause Foot Pain

Are you in your cold Perth house wearing your ugg boots so your feet are nice and toasty (while ironically looking out at the sunny weather outside). The cold winter weather starts to bite and uggies become the default foot-ware of choice. Then you notice that when you get up in the morning it is like walking on glass or you have an achey heel at the end of the day (Heel Pain) Understand your footwear and you can have warm feet and no foot pain.

Uggies, while lovely, warm and fluffy, have no support for your arch

So don’t wear them while standing for more than 10 minutes at a time – like when you are cooking dinner, standing at the kid’s football sideline very early on a Sunday morning or cleaning up.

Uggies are not great for walking

Even just for a short distance like heading out for the morning cafe run. Uggies are usually a poor fit and therefore you have to claw your toes to hold onto the sole – which is an unnatural walking style and when a regular occurrence, will accumulate and cause foot pain. You can actually hear the uggies scuff with walking they fit so badly!

Uggies are brilliant for when you are sitting

Use them for what they are good at, keeping the feet warm but don’t expect them to support your ankles or arches. Use the uggies for at your desk “working from home” attire or sitting on the couch chilling out. But sneakers for walking to the shops, weekend sport duties and sorting out the garage or you will have foot pain!

In Summary

If by wearing a smarter shoe combination and your foot pain is still not better in two weeks, you need a structured physio exercise program to fix it. And make sure you do as feet are one of the hardest body parts to rest and otherwise summer will come along.

You will have the same problem for the same reasons when you are wearing your thongs all day.

(Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Has Changed) fAre Thongs Bad for your Feet?)

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