Suffered Concussion? What Do You Do?

Suffered Concussion? What Do You Do?

On Field Signs of concussion:

Sports Concussion Treatment - Floreat Perth-min
Day 0. Concussion event.

At the time of a concussion event, the player should be removed from the sport (be it training or game) and complete a Concussion Recognition Tool 6 (CRT6).

If the player has any Red Flags they should immediately attend the hospital emergency department. In this case, symptoms will be severe like repeated vomiting, seizures, severe headache, deformity of the skull.

In the absence of any severe symptoms, the player can rest on the side of the field until the game is over and then go home. They should then not be left alone, go to sleep for 3-4 hours, drive or drink/take recreational drugs.

Day 1. Rest, which may include a day off work or school.  

A GP appointment might be needed if you need a medical certificate for work/school. If you play rugby, seeing a GP is mandatory to confirm the concussion diagnosis.

Day 2 book an appointment with a Concussion Physio for an ‘Initial Concussion Evaluation’.

At this appointment the first measurements of concussion can be measured and the evaluation includes

  • concussion history
  • symptom severity
  • memory
  • concentration
  • balance
  • eye reflexes
  • neck joint and muscles
Day 3,4;

Return to work/school, reintroduce light aerobic exercise, reintroduce weights training.

Day 5; Repeat the Physiotherapy Concussion evaluation to determine the level of improvement, including a heart rate stress test.

This measurement will then help determine if symptoms need to settle further or if the player can progress back to non contact sport. 

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