Concussion Assessment

Concussion Assessment

Concussion cannot be diagnosed with a scan as there is no structural damage to the brain. (You only go to hospital with a traumatic brain injury, where they can perform a XR for a skull fracture and a brain scan to visualise a brain bleed or swelling.)

Concussion can be diagnosed and the resolution tracked over time, with a collection of different tests performed by a Concussion Physiotherapist.

The Physiotherapy Concussion assessment includes:

  1. Symptom Evaluation
  2. Memory Function – immediate memory, concentration and delayed recall
  3. Cervical Spine assessment
  4. Balance
  5. Vestibular/Ocular-Motor Screening – we use Neuroflex goggles
  6. Exercise stress test; achieve > 85% max HR with no symptoms


As a GP appointment allows 15 minute consultations, it is very difficult for them to perform a thorough concussion assessment. This is why the best care for concussion is through a collaboration of Physiotherapy and GP’s.

Neuroflex Kids Concussion Treatment
It is really important for a component of the concussion testing to be objectively measured in a way that the player who desperately wants to return to sport cannot lie about!
The Active Solutions Physiotherapy Concussion Evaluation uses the Neuroflex goggles tyo track and record eye reflexes – a completely objective, computerised assessment.

An Active Solutions Physiotherapy patient will present to their medical appointment for “clearance to return to play” in the correct timeframe with a report:

  • demonstrating they have ‘passed’ all of the physio concussion objective testing components
  • a training diary demonstrating non-consecutive, 3-5 sessions, of non & limited contact training
  • a print out of the relevant code’s medical certificate clearance (each code’s coaches have been instructed to use only the specific medical clearance certificate)
Physio for Neck Pain

At Active Solutions Physiotherapy we perform Baseline Concussion Test, Concussion Evaluation and Treatment.

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