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netball shoes

The Saturday netball season is here! Each week thousands of eager netballers will lace up their netball shoes and head out to their local court to do battle. Netball is a sport of short sharp, explosive movements which can be quite unforgiving to the body and if your body is not fully prepared to cope with the forces, there’s a chance an injury could occur. One simple way to decrease the chance of injury is ensure you are wearing the correct footwear. 

How can you tell a good netball shoe from a dud?


Ankle/heel support – Ankle sprains are all too common in the world of netball and a good shoe goes a long way at preventing these injuries. Some shoes have a highly padded heel which can feel comfortable however, increases the risk of ‘going over’ on your ankle – it’s like playing in a pair of high heels! Netball shoes have a lower stack height which keeps our centre of gravity closer to the ground. 


Grip – A lot of the dodging and pivoting you see is unique to netball, so it makes sense that there is a unique grip pattern to fit. Having an outsole tailored to the demands of the sport means less friction and less wear through the shoe. If you find yourself wearing through shoe after shoe, it’s worth spending your money on the right shoe which will save you money in the long run. 


Structured upper – Whilst running shoes might be lightweight with their knitted upper, they’re just not designed for the change of direction involved in netball. A shoe with a more snug and rigid upper will hug the foot preventing it from sliding around. This can prevent injuries but also enhance performance with quicker reaction times! 

Don’t waste money or risk injury by being in the wrong shoe, this simple switch could make all the difference! To check out if you’re in the right shoes or if your feet or legs are causing you pain, come into Active Solutions Physiotherapy and we will tailor an assessment and solution to suit you. 

Ashlee Unie

Physiotherapist at Active Solutions Physiotherapy

Former Professional Netballer at QLD Firebirds & Sunshine Coast Lightning

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