Sports Physiotherapy Services Perth

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Our Active Solutions Physiotherapists based in Floreat, Perth, WA are able to assess your injury if it occurred on the sporting field or at home in day-to-day life and use hands-on sports physiotherapy get you back to full fitness ASAP.


We now know that there is no inflammatory component with painful tendons, rather it is the increase or decrease in your activity that changes the structure and integrity of the tendon.

Joint sprain

Ligaments that hold the joint in position can be damaged from sporting collisions, mis-steps or falls. Usually, there will be localised bruising, bleeding, swelling, redness and heat for the first few days. Ligaments have nerve fibres within them that tell the brain about balance, which if not properly rehabilitated is the reason why ligament sprains reoccur and the joint just doesn’t feel right.

Muscle strain

Muscle fibres can tear with sudden explosive movements, over-striding or trauma. Usually, there is bruising which can track down the limb, and local swelling. If not properly strengthened, then it can always remain a vulnerable muscle that gets re-injured very easily.

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