what is concussion?

“The expansion of assessing and treating concussion is an absolutely fantastic progress in sports medicine. Now every athlete, at every age, will receive concussion care that was previously only applied rigorously to professional athletes.”

Megan O’Shea – Principal & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Active Solutions Physiotherapy

Concussion Overview

Concussion is a mild type of brain injury that occurs when the brain gets shaken inside the skull. This can occur with a direct blow, like when the head hits the ground hard during a fall. Or it can be indirect, which can happen with a forceful tackle in sport.

There is no structural damage done to the brain with concussion, rather the shaking of the brain disrupts the nerves and the way they conduct signals. This disruption is only temporary, but as the body corrects the changes to the brain nerves, the brain can’t function properly. Symptoms are varied and include headaches, blurry vision, brain fog, balance issues and just not feeling right.

There is a common misconception that with a concussion, the brain will be inflamed, bruised or swollen. This type of brain damage is considered a traumatic brain injury. Symptoms will be severe like repeated vomiting, seizures, severe headache, deformity of the skull and they need to immediately get to a hospital emergency department.

Concussion assessment and treatment is the most successful with the collaboration of Physiotherapy and GP’s.

At Active Solutions Physiotherapy we perform Baseline Concussion Tests, Concussion Evaluation and Treatment.

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Concussion Overview

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