Stats and Facts about ACL Injuries

The Eagles have just confirmed Nic Nat has a rupture of the other ACL after his innocuous landing from a jump on the weekend.Image source: abc.net.au

Stats about how ACL injuries can change your sporting life:

Facts about ACL injuries:

70% of ACL injuries are non-contact in nature. WHY?

A knee is vulnerable at 30° bending, inward collapse, at speed;

  • Changing direction running at high speed
  • Regaining balance after kicking
  • Landing after a jump
Who needs an operation?

If you want to return to a sport that requires pivoting (see our Blog article on ACL Rupture and whether you need to have an operation)

A “quiet” knee is the best knee to operate on
  • Minimal swelling, heat, inflammation
  • Bending > 110°
  • Lock out into complete straightening (unless there is a meniscal tear)
The tendon graft is weakest at 3 months
  • Rehab has specific exercises for specific times
  • If you overdo it, the graft will stretch, then it will ultimately fail when you return to your sport
Rehab takes at least 12 months;
  • Quieting the knee for surgery
  • Reducing surgery inflammation
  • Muscle weights for strength and movement control
  • Running and agility exercises
  • Returning to sport
  • Preventing re injury with exercises to re enforce knee strength

So what is being done to help reduce the incidence of ACL injuries?

Click on the links below to book online for a physiotherapy assessment and treatment or give us a call on 0438 648 884.

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