Massage; the ultimate gift!


It is hard to find a present that conveys the right message. Often you just want to thank the other person for all of their efforts, say that you are sorry or just wish them the best.

To thank my partner for taking care of me after my shoulder surgery, I decided to get her something nice to show her my appreciation. In a sling for a few weeks and unable to work, I had loads of time on my hands (hand, rather!) to consult highly stylized webpages selling designer jewelleries that all started way over my budget.

After days of unfruitful research, I did what any uninspired partner would do and settled for a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates… A couple of days later, I was lying on the sofa with indigestion next to a vase of dead roses, feeling frustrated at myself for not being able to express my gratitude to my better half. 

I was stressed. My shoulder was still sore and my neck was getting stiff. I booked myself a massage and since I could not drive myself there, I booked another one for my partner. 

After spending an hour on the massage table, I had more mobility in my neck, was feeling refreshed and a lot less pain in my shoulder. But that was nothing compared to my partner! She came back home on a cloud, with a massive smile on her face and slept that night like a baby, when she was dealing with a turmoil of presentations and deadlines at work….

  • Massage is great to reduce stress and lower pain levels.
  • A massage a month or so is usually enough to keep those muscles in check
  • In addition to exercise and diet, massage is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.


After searching the internet for days, I can tell you that diamonds are too expensive, roses don’t last, chocolates make you fat, but a massage is the perfect gift!

Do yourself and your partner a favour and book them a massage. There is no better way to show them that you care about them than to actually take care of them.

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